Indulgence at its best

Top it up!

How can you make something as delicious as 6th Street’s frozen yogurt taste even better? Have fun with the toppings.

6th Street Yogurt has the widest range of toppings in the city. Over 25 different toppings line the counter top. Take a look at the line up below.

As a bonus, there’s even a new topping  that is revealed everyday from our secret stash. So don’t forget to keep track of the topping of the day, you won’t want to miss it.

And if you’re wondering what the best way is to select your toppings, we suggest, GO CRAZY!! That’s what we do and often the mix and match can be brilliant. Like our Facebook page or follow us on TWITTER  to keep track of the superb combinations we come up with.

Fresh fruits




Fruit of the day

Fruit based compotes

Orange compote

Peach compote

Rum & raisins


Chocolate & Candies




Brownie crumbles

Rocher sauce

Cookie sauce

Dark grated chocolate

Choco Freeze

Cookie crumbles

Fruit Poppers 




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Swirls of Goodness

It has been two great days since we’ve been in business. We’d like to thank everyone for the love and support they’ve shown us.

We are thrilled that you loved our yogurt and waffles. Didn’t we promise that you wouldn’t be disappointed?

So keep coming back for more and more swirls of goodness. You can keep track of us at our Facebook page here or on twitter here. Like and follow us to win some great treats. And keep the comments coming. We love to hear from you.

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The Menu Unveiled

Four more days and our doors will be open. Such excitement!

Here’s the FIRST look at our menu.

Frozen yogurt – Check, Waffles – Check, Smoothies – Check, Parfaits – Check,

Indulgence at its healthiest best – Check.Check.Check


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Sound the drums

There’s a new yogurt store in town – 6th Street Yogurt.

We have a lot of hopes and dreams for our new venture and we want to share them all with you. Welcome to our blog, the beginning of a journey that has been in the making for quite a while. Here is the story of how we came to be.

Asif Rizvi and Zeeshan Kazi have been friends since the first grade. A couple of years ago they decided to go into business together. Contemplating prospects and spending weeks of research on each idea took its toll on them, but they kept at it. They had a hazy vision of what they wanted, but they just had to stumble upon it first.

One day as Asif walked along the famous party destination, sixth street in Austin, Texas (where he worked)  he suddenly had an idea – a yogurt store. He had to tell Zeeshan immediately. Five minutes later they knew that this was what they had been waiting for. But there was still a lot to be done – reading, learning, planning, organising. As things started to fall into place they even expanded their initial idea to include smoothies, waffles and parfaits. After a year, with a well-located property, they were finally they were ready for business.

The name 6th Street Yogurt came almost automatically to them. It is an ode to where the idea was conceived and an endeavour to bring that same spirit of indulgence, celebration, fun and all things nice to their Breach Candy store.

For these two 24-year-olds this hasn’t been an easy task. They’ve had to bulldoze their way through sceptics and have had to answer the question ‘Why yogurt?’ a lot more times than they would have liked. But their answer has always been simple. ‘Why not?’

With a single minded mission to bring the same healthy and tasty yogurt from the Austin to Mumbai, the duo forged ahead. Sometimes it isn’t about being the first, just about being the best.

So allow us a chance to gloat as we display the yumminess we have to offer:

We open our doors soon. Join us and we promise frozen indulgence at its best.

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